Grads for Gun Safety
Raise money and donate a portion to support the #neveragain movement.
Dedicate Your Graduation to Gun Safety
Support the #neveragain movement by registering your graduation with Tendr. You can raise money from family and friends, and donate any portion of your funds to the non-profit organization of your choice. Tendr will waive its standard $3 fee for anyone who donates through your page.
How It Works
1. Create Your Page
Create a free Tendr account, select a non-profit, and choose what percentage of your gifts you’d like to donate. You can personalize your page with photos and tell everyone why this cause is important to you.
2. Invite Friends & Family to Donate
Our sharing tools make it easy to spread the word. Drive your friends, followers, and family to your personalized page, where they can choose an awesome card and donate as much as they want — Tendr will waive its standard $3 fee.
3. Watch Your Progress
See your gifts and donations happen in real time from your Tendr dashboard. We’ll automatically send your gifts and donations based on the percentage you chose, and you can send a digital Thank You card to your donors.
Take a Look
Family and friends will feel great sending money in such a cool package, and you can send a Tendr Thank You card for free, right from your dashboard.
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Congratulations on your graduation. We're so proud of you for choosing your special day to support such an important cause!

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The Berger Family

Graduate for a Cause
Gift recipients can donate any percentage of their total cash gifts directly to a charity or non-profit organization. Tendr has established partnerships with The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Sandy Hook Promise and others, and can easily set up a transfer to the 501(c)3 of your choice.
Common Questions
Can I donate any percentage of funds to charity?
Absolutely. With Tendr you’re in control of how much of your gift money goes to your bank account and how much goes to your charity. You’re in full control of the percentage of gift money that you give.
What if my favorite charity isn’t on your site?
If you don’t see your favorite charity on Tendr, let us know! Email and give us the name of the charity and a link to their website. We'll reach out to them and get them set up and let you know once they’re up and running.
Why Tendr?
Tendr offers the easiest, most thoughtful way to raise charitable funds for your graduation or make a donation in a new graduate’s name. Choose a gun safety organization and donation amount, and Tendr will waive its standard $3 service fee.
How others are using Tendr for their graduations
I’m raising money for victims of gun violence and their families.
Half of my graduation gifts are going to the Newtown Action Alliance.
I’m supporting the Brady Campaign for my graduation.
My friends and I are raising funds for Everytown for Gun Safety.
25% of my cash gifts are going to Giffords.
Peace of mind. Peace of wallet.
Got a question about Tendr? Need some help? Our friendly and attentive customer service team is always here for you.
All transactions are PCI Level 1, the same level of security used by the biggest banks and credit cards. In other words, you’re personal information is as safe as safe can be.
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