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The Case for Cash Gifts

The Case for Cash Gifts

by Karina Parikh

Newly engaged couples know very well that wedding planning is all about sweating over minute details—painstakingly curated registry lists included. But what if what you really want isn’t necessarily stocked on the shelves of your favorite home goods store? 

While cash is the standard gift to give in many cultures around the world, Americans have been reluctant to embrace it. But if the longstanding notion that giving cash is thoughtless or too transparent in value were true, why would a whopping 91% percent of wedding guests still prefer to give cash gifts? Think about it: cash is the most versatile wedding gift you could possibly ask for, and it’s convenient for your guests to give. Everybody wins! Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a cash registry for your wedding. 

1. Save For the Things You’ll Need Later
Couples are cohabiting before marriage at much higher rates than ever before. In fact, a national study in 2012 revealed that around 70% of couples had lived together before they got hitched. If you’re already living with your soon-to-be spouse, chances are you aren’t so keen on getting a new toaster for your wedding. Use the cash to save for the stuff you’ll need later. You can even create smaller retail registry lists just for the things that you need, and create a cash registry in addition to them.

2. Look Forward to Experiences, Not Things
Looking more forward to your honeymoon than unwrapping another silver serving bowl? You’re not alone. In this social media-driven time, we relish more in experiencing new things than buying them. Your cash gifts can be used towards an awesome vacation or those pricey front row tickets for Hamilton that you normally wouldn’t splurge on. You’re soon-to-be newlyweds, and you deserve to treat yourselves.

3. Reach Your Financial Goals
Maybe you want to put a down payment on a house, save up to start a family, or the thought of paying off your student loans sounds more appealing to you than anything else right now. We all have financial goals, and your cash gifts can get you one step closer to reaching them. 

4. Give to a Good Cause
 Many couples are opting for charitable donations in lieu of wedding gifts to give back to causes that mean the most to them. Have your guests donate directly to your favorite charity with a Give:Tendr registry. 

5. Cut Your Guests—and Yourselves—Some Slack
Let’s face it, we all know someone who waits until the very last minute to buy gifts. Moreover, not all of your guests know you equally well, and encouraging cash gifts is a great way to take the guesswork out of gift buying for them. Instead of making a bunch of potentially mismatched gifts work together (or go through the headache of returning them), pile up your cash and spend it towards whatever you want easily.

Contrary to popular belief, cash is actually quite a powerful and meaningful gift, and you’re empowered to use it towards whatever you see fit. Even better, gone are the days where you had to sift through dozens of envelopes or scramble to cash checks after receiving cash gifts. A Tendr registry allows your guests to send you cash gifts electronically, complete with gorgeous cards you won’t find anywhere else for an added personal touch. 

For more on giving to a good cause, visit Give:Tendr

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