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5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Graduation Cash

5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Graduation Cash

Tendr Graduation Money Celebration

Cap and gown season continues to be one of the most popular times for giving and receiving gifts, and according to a study by Hallmark, 95% of people believe money is the best gift to give a loved one moving on from high school or college.

Graduation means that I have accomplished yet another milestone in my life and career journey,” says Kia Imani Robinson, Hampton University Class of 2016. “After graduation I’m going back home to New York City to intern with a public relations firm. I’m currently saving for a new laptop and wardrobe for my internship, so money has definitely been the best graduation present for me.” No matter what your post-grad financial goals may be, Tendr is here help. Here is a list of the 5 smartest ways to spend your newfound graduation money.


Let your cash gifts grow by making smart investments. Betterment is a super easy platform that allows users to manage wealth through simple technology solutions - the fees are also a fraction of what other services offer.


Consider saving a percentage of your cash gifts to pay down off education expenses. This can help mitigate financial aid and student loan needs.


Networking is a proven way to expand your circle and secure professional development opportunities. Use your graduation money to join a social club or professional organization such as The Union League to facilitate introductions.


Many high school seniors seeking experience outside the classroom - like Malia Obama - are opting to take a “gap year” before college. Consider using your graduation cash to travel throughout the summer and begin your adulting in the fall.


No matter what your plans are you’ll need to get around. Purchasing a bicycle is a sustainable and affordable form of transportation. Brilliant Bicycle offers stylish, grownup bikes that don’t break the bank.

How are you planning to spend your graduation money? Share your plans with us via email at social@tendr.com or tweet us @GiveTendr with the hashtag #TendrTips.

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