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Artist Spotlight: Meet ‘Agent of Good Vibes’ and Artist CDR

Artist Spotlight: Meet ‘Agent of Good Vibes’ and Artist CDR

CDR is the newest artist to join Tendr with a bunch of bright, charming cards in our Holiday 2016 Collection. We caught up with CDR to find out what inspires him to create such groovy art!

Tendr -CDR Artist Head Headshot

For as long as he can remember, CDR has been drawing.

“I’ve just always done it. I can still remember back as a kid just lying on the floor with paper and crayons, pencils - whatever,” he says.

Based in Portland, Maine, CDR is a self-taught artist whose life-long learning and creation has allowed him to explore everything from painting, graphic design, illustration and more.

“I was drawing from the moment I could hold a utensil,” he says. “To me, it was just something I could do. Some kids can dunk a basketball, some kids are good at football. Drawing was just my thing.”

Though he started out in a fine-arts program in college, it wasn’t his path.

“I studied fine art for a handful of years at college. I eventually dropped out,” he says – though not before taking classes in everything from graphic design and furniture design to philosophy and painting.

These days, CDR is running own studio focusing on illustration.

“My intention is to, without taking myself too seriously, try to be some kind of agent of change. Or at least an agent of good vibes.”

Being an agent of good vibes still requires inspiration. CDR says that while one of his sources of inspiration is life and the emotions people feel as they wander through it, his primary inspiration is bigger.

“We’re on a giant rock that’s spinning around in infinite blackness. There’s not much else for me to think about! That’s my #1 inspiration.”

As he shuffles along this mortal coil, CDR’s days are focused on creating and on his family.

“I walk to my studio every morning. Stop for coffee. Portland, Maine is a small city and I pass the same people and say ‘hello’. I get to my studio and try to draw first.”

After that, he works on projects for clients and deals with the less glamorous side of running a studio: sending emails, submitting files to clients, billing etc.

“Then I close it all down,” he says, “I walk home and I hang out with my family.”

This year CDR is celebrating the holidays a bit more enthusiastically than he has previously, in large part because his 16-month-old daughter.

“So many things are brand-new and it’s exciting to watch her wrap her head around the pageantry and symbolism of Christmas for the first time,” he says.

“For years, me and my girlfriend have an open house on Christmas Day, so any friends and family who live locally and have nothing going on come to our house and we have food and drinks and music. I’m excited to start that with her.”

Check out all of CDR’s cards on Tendr and send to a friend! You can also follow him on Instagram for daily illustrations. Or, buy his prints here!

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