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Cash Registries Are The New Gift Table

Cash Registries Are The New Gift Table

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The New Gift Table

According to a 2013 study by The Knot, 87% of future-weds in the US register for gifts, and an increasing number of these couples are ditching physical wedding gifts and registering for cash and experiences instead. How exactly have we moved from spending an estimated 10 billion dollars each year on china patterns and stand up mixers, to mixing it up with more unique items and cash gifts? Tendr CEO Jeff Beil takes you through the past, present and future of wedding gifts:

The Way We Were

Here’s a little history lesson for you: The wedding registry concept was first introduced in 1924 by Chicago’s Marshall Field’s department store. While wedding presents were around long before this time (generally of the cash variety), this was the first step toward the bride and groom choosing gifts that fit their own personal taste (although unsolicited advice from parents was a tradition then as now!). At that time, less than 10% of couples lived together before marriage, so registry items were intended to help the newly married couple fill their new home together. Bring on the cutlery!

The Times Are Changing

Flash forward to the age pre-marital cohabitation (or, as your grandparents may call it: the age of living in sin). Now that two thirds of couples live together for an average of 31 months before getting married (according to a government survey), the house is very much warm by the wedding day. Much like Marshall Field’s, china patterns are a thing of the past, and even the Emily Post-i-est of etiquette sticklers accept more practical registry items, experiences and of course, cash.

Store associates have even taken a step back from the registry process: as of the advent of the self-service registry in 1993 (Thanks, Target!), couples are selecting and scanning on their own. Couples are even likely to select and click to register their gifts. The Knot found that 81% of couples managed their registries online in 2013.

What’s old is new again, and an increasing number of guests are returning to the cash roots of wedding gifts. 36% of wedding guests give cash gifts to newlyweds, yet only 2% of couples have set up a secure, convenient way for guests to send them this cash.

The New Gift Table…

And here, the math doesn’t add up. Despite the fact that cash is exchanged at just about every wedding, and that standard registries have gone online, most couples are still only offering a card box for the largest category of gifts they will receive: cash! This limits guests who want to give cash to waiting until the wedding day, or sending it via the less-than-secure postal service. It’s time for the next evolution in wedding gifts.

Introducing: Tendr.

With Tendr, couples can set up a secure and elegant site in less than 10 minutes for guests who wish to send cash – without having to specify (or make up) where these funds may someday be used. From there, guests can send their cash gift with beautifully designed digital stationery, and will receive an equally beautifully designed digital thank you card as part of the site’s paperless approach to modern cash gifting. It’s classic and modern all at once.

…Follows the Same Gift Etiquette:

Although the approach to wedding gifts may have changed, sending presents on time is still a tradition to live by. Let’s debunk the common adage of late-to-the registry wedding gifts: you do not, in fact, have a year after the wedding to send a wedding gift. According to the Emily Post Institute, wedding gifts should arrive no later than the wedding day. So if you’re reading this while waiting for the ceremony to start, pull up Tendr on your mobile and send that gift before the bride walks down the aisle. Unlike china patterns, that is a tradition the bride and the groom will appreciate.

Considering including cash gifting on your wedding registry? Register your wedding with Tendr for an easy cash giving option for your family and friends.

Download a Tendr Giftmark for Your Wedding Website

Download a Tendr Giftmark for Your Wedding Website

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