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Artist Spotlight: Amy Fuller

Artist Spotlight: Amy Fuller

Amy is a freelance designer in Brooklyn at Friends Work Here. She wishes that Tendr was around when she tied the knot. Maybe someday she will update her website but for now she spends her time working with incredible clients and friends.

Amy Fuller Headshot Tory Williams Photography Tendr

On choosing art

“I don’t think I ever decided to become an artist, I just did what I enjoyed since I was a child and eventually it turned into something people paid me for.

Since I was a young child, I would keep in touch with my Granny by sending her letters, all with drawings to help better explain my words. I’d draw all over the envelope too, designing around the addresses. More than drawing a picture, I liked how words and imagery fit together to make a whole new meaning than they did separately. I think this regular practice and love of designing letters since childhood naturally led me to a profession in graphic design.”

Tendr Card Yay For Love Amy Fuller

A day in the life

“Every Monday through Friday, sometime in the AM, I’ll walk to my shared studio/office (Friends Work Here) with Devo. Mornings are for productivity in the form of emails, edits and non-artistic endeavors. Afternoons are when I tackle the more creative pursuits.

Except for special circumstances, I don’t work weekends. If I’m managing my time and clients properly, I can get everything done during weekdays.

Most freelance designers/developers I know take on 1-2 big projects that require all of their time for a set period (1 week to several months). Except for very special circumstances, I don’t work this way — I’ll work on 7-15 projects at a time, some small and some large. I enjoy the freedom of working on a wide variety of design and coding, it keeps me from getting bored.”

Amy Fuller Hiking

The most memorable response to her work

“I designed, painted and art directed photography for a booklet about a boys foster care center. The goal was to raise funds for the center and promote awareness of foster care. Because of the quality content, well-executed design and gorgeous printing, it was picked up by Fox River Paper Company and thousands more were printed as a sample of their paper capabilities, distributed worldwide and also featured in Communication Arts Magazine. The client went out on a limb with the print budget (it was a specialty print job) but had faith that this was really something special that would grab people’s attention. Even now,10 years later, it’s still a piece that people talk about.”

Amy Fuller Stop And Smell

Advice for new artists

“Find a great school or person to learn from, study/work hard, find your dream job and do whatever it takes to intern/work there. If you want to be a freelancer, spend at least 5-10 years at an agency or other type of mentored position — learn as much as you can from others (while taking on some freelance in spare time) before going solo.

Don’t take design edits or criticism personally. Graphic design is a profession and at the end of the day the client is paying you for what they want, for their vision — not for your personal agenda. Collaborate.”

Tendr Card Challah At Your Girl Amy Fuller

On following the right path

“I wake up every morning happy to go to work. I miss designing when I’m on vacation. Now that I’m about to be a mama, the flexibility that freelancing offers is especially a gift. I am so grateful to have amazing clients that pay me for work that I enjoy making for them."

To learn more about Amy, visit her on the web at flint.nyc.

‘Yay for Love’ and ‘Challah At Your Girl’ cards by Amy Fuller are available exclusively at Tendr.com.

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