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How Can A Couple Ask For Cash?

How Can A Couple Ask For Cash?

How Can A Couple Ask For Cash?

13 August 2014

It’s the classic wedding conundrum.

If you ask any couple what wedding gift they’d like, chances are that “cash” will be high on the list.  In fact, surveys show that 60% see cash as “the best gift,” while another 34% see cash as  "a great gift.“  And, lest there be any doubt, only .01% said they’d rather not have cash.

Here’s the challenge:  How do you let your guests know you’d like cash - without sounding crass?

Here are five tips from the founders of Tendr, the leading on-line cash gift site.

1) Let the Request Be Straightforward and Eloquent

Just as you are inviting friends to your wedding, you can invite them to give a cash gift if they so choose.  At Tendr each couple we register sets up a simple yet eloquent page that lets them make a thoughtfully worded request of their guests.  Here’s an example:  www.tendr.com/samplewedding.

2)  Let the Process Be Simple and Elegant

There was a time when giving cash gifts meant a handshake after the ceremony and a wad of bills, a la Goodfellas. Or, an envelope with stamp and check like it’s 1957. While technology has quickened the process, it can feel transactional - giving a cash wedding gift shouldn’t feel like paying your electric bill. Now, with beautiful digital stationery, Tendr has made it simple and yet attractive - appropriately elegant.

3) Be Honest

Some so called "cash registries” set up an array of imaginary gifts -  $100 for binoculars for our safari! - that are actually a disguised way of asking for cash. If you’re going to register for actual gifts, do so.  If you’re going to ask for cash too, don’t pretend it’s anything else - not a donation, not a fund, not an investment.  It’s a gift.

4)  Let Your Guests Choose

On the flip side of #3 is don’t rob your guests of the ability to decide on their own how much to give, or what it should be used for. One of the reasons cash is so popular is because of the freedom it represents. You don’t need to tell your guests what you’re spending the money on. Likewise, you should not limit how much they want to give. All of these types of decisions help make the gift more personal. 

5) Acknowledgement and Gratitude

A gift that goes right into your account should also be easy to acknowledge.  Tendr offers a quick, simple and elegant note of thanks because we believe in promoting a cycle of appreciation.  If you wish, you can also send along a traditional thank you note later. Both will be cherished.

Keep in Mind…

As you go through this process, remember that your guests are looking forward to celebrating your marriage with love and generosity, and hoping to give you what you really want.  If that means cash, provide a simple and elegant way for them to give, and you’ll do everyone a favor.  

Tendr: Want That Cash Money As a Wedding Gift? Here's a Simple and Classy Way | AlleyWire

Tendr: Want That Cash Money As a Wedding Gift? Here's a Simple and Classy Way | AlleyWire

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