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How to: Giving the Perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gift

How to: Giving the Perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gift

Tendr Nina Dinoff Strped Mazel Tov Card

While there may still be a few guests on the bar (or bat) mitzvah circuit who would give an expensive pen set to the 13 year-old in question, money is one of the most versatile (and traditional) gifts you can give on this joyous occasion.

‘That’s great,’ you may say, ‘but how much do I give?’

Fear not, we’ve got you covered! 

Gifts in a multiple of 18 (or using the number 18) are symbolic of giving life, or ‘chai’. So, you could give $54, $72, or $90. You could also give an amount like $108 or $180 that use the number 18 in them. Pick an amount that feels right and round it to the nearest multiple of 18 and you’re all set!

So you’ve decided how much to give. Now what? 

That’s where Tendr comes in.

When you give a gift with Tendr, you send it right to the recipient’s bank account making it quicker and more secure than cash or checks. You don’t have to worry about accidentally writing the incorrect name on a check or about the money being lost (or stolen) before the recipient can get to the bank to deposit it.

Giving a gift with Tendr also means you can send your present before the event or from far away if you can’t be there in person.

It also means you don’t have to make a special trip to the card store to find a suitable card to say “mazel tov”! We’ve got a selection of bar/bat mitzvah-specific cards, as well as congratulatory ones, to suit every taste. Write a personal note to round out your gift and voila!

Pro tip on writing your note: since many young people often do a volunteer or charity project as in their bar or bat mitzvah year, you can include well-wishes for good luck in completing the project. If you’d like, you could suggest using the money you give to make a donation to the charity, organization or project of their choice.

If you’ve got lots of events to attend this bar mitzvah season, Tendr can help you write and send all of your gifts in less time than it would take to send one the old way. See for yourself!

Get started now and see how we can help make your gift giving experience easy and personal.

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