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Live Your Best Life After Graduation with Tendr

Live Your Best Life After Graduation with Tendr

You’ve written the papers, studied for seemingly endless tests and now your commencement is on the horizon. 

With cap-and-gown season around the corner, now (yes, really, this early) is the time that loving aunties, grandparents, and other loved-ones will start wondering what to give you to celebrate this milestone

And, let’s be real: you want money.

You want to travel or move to a new city, maybe even buy a car. Money is probably the most useful, practical and thoughtful gift when you’re striking out on your own. 

When you create an Occasion Page on Tendr, you're giving your friends and loved-ones the chance to help you do something amazing - whatever it is you decide to do. 

First, create an Occasion page for your graduation. 

Then, follow our simple 5-step guide to writing a note inviting loved-ones to help you on your way as you start your next chapter! 

Step 1: Welcoming guests to your page

Start your page with a warm welcome to the people who will be seeing it. Make it sound like something you’d really say. Show your personality and let them know they’re in the right place.

‘Dear family and friends,’ is classic, but feel free to use something reflects your personality or background if that feels more natural. To help you get the tone right, pretend you’re writing them an old-fashioned snail-mail letter.

Step 2: Brag a little bit

You’ve worked hard for this moment, so tell your loved-ones about it. Remind them of the college you attend, as well as the program and write a bit about how hard you’ve worked to get there.

You can fill in this paragraph we’ve written to make it easier:

I am so happy to tell you I will be graduating from [your school name] this [month of graduation] with my [kind of degree]! It's been four years of hard work and dedication and I couldn't have without it without your love and support.

Step 3: Tell them what you’re doing next

Everyone will want to know what you’re doing once you graduate, so give them an idea here. If you know exactly what’s next (like going to grad school or starting at a specific job), say that. If you have a vague plan (like backpacking or going on a roadtrip), write a bit about it. If you have no idea (and that’s fine!) write about what your dream next-step would be.

Bonus: This will help you cut down the number of times you’ll have to answer this question at your graduation party or next family gathering 😎

Step 4: Make the ask

The first rule here: present it as an option. By making giving a choice, it makes it more elegant. The second rule: frame it as an opportunity to support you. Since you’ve already laid out your dreams and ambitions above, you’re giving them an meaningful reason to give and tying their gift to your journey toward success.

Step 5:  Show your gratitude

You already know thanking the gift giver is essential, so make it count! Point out their generosity and acknowledge it with a sentence that goes beyond a simple ‘thanks’. Get a little sappy here if you want to!

For example, “Thank you for your generous gift! Your love and support mean everything to me and I’m so grateful to have them as I continue my journey.”

Then, sign your name (if you want to) and you’re done!

Click here to see an example written using these steps. Go ahead and use it on your own page if you'd like. Yes, you can just take it!

Ready to create your Occasion? Click here to sign up for Tendr!

Already have an account? Click here to sign in and write your note!


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