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Heart-to-heart: How Connor and Jason Celebrated Their Spontaneous Wedding with a Tendr Registry

Heart-to-heart: How Connor and Jason Celebrated Their Spontaneous Wedding with a Tendr Registry

You may have read the awesome piece about our very-own Spencer Bagley last week. In it, he talks about why he created Tendr and why making things easier for people getting married is central to what we do. So, when we hear from couples who say Tendr is doing just that, our whole team jumps through the roof with happiness!

That’s exactly what happened with Jason and Connor, newlyweds from Atlanta, GA. With a customized background image and fun, quirky note, Jason and Connor have created one of our favorite pages to date.

Jason, a social media manager at Mailchimp and Connor, an executive at a global PR agency, have been dating since 2009 and, in proper millennial fashion, met on social media.

Staying true to themselves, Jason and Connor got married in a fun, spontaneous way and needed registry site that was quick, easy and effective.

I spoke with Jason about his wedding and how Tendr exceeded his expectations with its ease of use! Read on to hear more about Jason and Connor’s experience. -Courtney 

Courtney: You got hitched a few months ago - congratulations! What inspired you to be spontaneous and forgo a traditional ceremony?

Jason: “We had been together for so long. It just felt like an overdue parking ticket. Some people thought we were married already!

Our friends and family thought it was great that we went to the courthouse, but they still wanted to do something to celebrate us.

Tendr was perfect because it allowed us to get the word out and have our friends and family celebrate this next step in our lives."

C: I absolutely love that you two were introduced to each other on Tumblr! How did exactly did you meet? Was it love at first reblog?

J: It’s funny you said that, because it was! Connor was living in New York and I was living in Chicago. I think he found me through a hashtag I use. It was a quote about - 'intelligence is the most attractive trait that a person can have.'

He found it, then reblogged and replied to the post. Then we started following each other on social media and then G-Chatting everyday and the rest was history.

C: What made you decide to use Tendr to receive money for your wedding?

J: We thought it was incredibly easy and intuitive. That’s exactly what we wanted, something that was easy to use and that could be created ASAP.

I created the page, showed it to Connor for approval and that was it.

I really like that it integrated with our bank account and everything rolled over.

I also really liked the personalization Tendr gives guests. We’ve kind of made a game out of who would give us what cards. You can almost tell based on the person’s personality who would give what cards.

C: Who wrote the note on your page? What was the process for that?

J: I took the first stab in a word doc and it was a bit sassy because I tend to me a bit more bold, while Connor is a bit more polite.

We both work in marketing and know how to grab someone’s attention, so had a lot of fun creating the note.

We loved the fact that it wasn’t too serious and matched our personalities. We’re both known as the funny sibling and family member, so the note was totally spot on for who we are

Tendr Connor Jason Heart-to-Heart


C: You have a really cool background image that says ‘we want to go here” - what location is it and who had the awesome idea of customizing your background image?

J: It’s Scotland, one of the destinations on our honeymoon. We actually added another stop on our trip and we have Tendr to thank. We planned a honeymoon trip to England, Scotland and Iceland and that we were hoping Tendr could help us cover expenses for.

C: That’s amazing! Your page also mentions you and Connor are on a quest unforgettable adventures - what other locations are you two looking to visit?

J: I don’t come from a very well-off family, so our next trip will be flying my sister and two nephews out for an all expense paid extravaganza to Disney World.

I’m fortunate and blessed to be in a position where I can do something nice for family, and sister is so excited and super appreciative.

Disney World is one of my favorite places on earth, so I’m super excited to be taking my nephews while they’re still young.

C: What are some other financial goals you have? How can Tendr help you achieve them?

J: Now that we know how easy it is, I can see us using Tendr to raise money for nonprofits and cultural and social impact issues that we believe in.

We’re very aware of social brands and movements and Tendr is something that can easily be used for raising money for a larger call to action.

Even cultural movements that are hyperlocal or taking small donation for friends - those are the types of things that we can definitely use Tendr for.

I also think it’s perfect for other bigger celebratory moments that don’t involve a wedding, like a graduation or a new baby.

My brother is dying to go on a “bro-cation” through Europe after his high school graduation. Tendr would be great way help fund his trip.

C: What's your favorite thing about using Tendr to receive cash gifts for your wedding?

J: Honestly, it really easy to the use. The intuitiveness of the tools made it super easy for us to create and go. We set it up in just a few minutes.

It also wasn’t hard to get the money from you guys. We expected some hiccups but we received our gifts right away.

It was also just a fun project to do with my partner. We had fun creating the copy and visuals together.

Thank you to Jason for taking the time to answer our questions! Click here to see their amazing Tendr page for yourself. 

To register for Tendr and create your own page, click here!

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