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One Way You Can Help Your Wedding Guests Feel Great About Giving Cash Gifts

One Way You Can Help Your Wedding Guests Feel Great About Giving Cash Gifts

Getting married is a milestone that’s seen by many as a new beginning. Starting a new chapter with a partner who’s committed to sticking with you through thick and thin is pretty amazing.

Increasingly however, young people are putting off this commitment until a later in life and are more likely to live with their partner before getting married.

In fact, a 2013 study by the CDC found that 48% women in the U.S. lived with a partner a before getting married. That’s up from 34% in 1995. The same study found 40% of women interviewed got married within 3 years of living with their partner.

If you’re in that 40%, you know that living together means your home is already fairly complete by the time you’re planning your wedding. While many people do choose to update their existing home items with a traditional registry, more couples are looking for an alternative. And, for most people, that means registering for money.

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A traditional gift in many cultures, money gives newlyweds the freedom to choose how to build their life together. Now that couples don’t need as many (or any) housewares, the whole wedding industry is noticing a turn toward giving money instead of items at weddings.

Dr. Arielle Kuperberg, an assistant professor of sociology at University of North Carolina at Greensboro, says, “When people have lived on their own for years, it is hard to register when they marry.”

“This generation of couples also cohabitate in great numbers, entertain casually, marry later. We call this the ‘independent life stage’ in sociological terms. They don’t need anything more for the house.”

We know couples are always happy to receive money as a wedding gift, but sometimes have a hard time seeing the value (and thoughtfulness) of a cash wedding gift.

Something we’ve noticed here at Tendr is that when couples have a specific, personal reason for wanting money as a wedding gift, they’re more likely to receive it.

Your plan doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to clear.

For example saying, “Any money we receive for our wedding will be used to take our dream honeymoon to Hawaii,” is a more compelling story than, “We’d like money to use for travel.”

Even if you don’t know exactly where your honeymoon will be, you’re still asking people to contribute to a once-in-a-lifetime trip. But, the more detail you can give the better. After all, telling people you’ll use money to go walk the sandy beaches of Oahu or go hiking on a volcano makes it feel more real!

Sometimes people have a perception of a cash wedding gift being impersonal. Sure, it may not sit in the newlyweds’ home, reminding them of you throughout the course of their marriage. But who can deny the powerful memories you’ll help newlyweds make by helping them go on the adventure of a lifetime together?

You may not know exactly how they spent the money you contributed to the trip, but they’ll always remember the trip.

What makes cash one of the most selfless gifts you can give, is that you as the gift-giver are removing yourself from the selection process.

By giving cash as a wedding gift, you give the happy couple the ability to chose how to use it. Together, the couple will make a highly personal decision about what matters most to them. For some people it’s buying their first home, for others it’s adopting a child.

When you give cash, you’re empowering people to make their dreams come true. And who doesn’t to help with that?

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