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7 Dos (and 1 Don’t) for Sharing Your Wedding Registry

7 Dos (and 1 Don’t) for Sharing Your Wedding Registry

When a guest gets a wedding invitation in the mail, it means they’ll be giving a gift no matter how you RSVP. We aren't kidding! 

Anna Post (the great-great-granddaughter of manners maven Emily Post) says, wedding invitations are the only kind of invite that "carry an unspoken obligation to give a gift, regardless of whether or not a guest can attend.”

The most important thing to remember about registries, according to Post? "Never any mention of registry information on a wedding invitation."

So if gift information doesn't go on the invitation, how do you let people know about your registry? Here are seven ways to get your registry information to your guests!

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1. Put it on an insert in the invitation envelope

It may seem a little wonky (since we just said not to put it on the invitation) but this is what the pros recommend. If you’re mailing out paper invitations, you can include an insert with other information for guests (like hotels nearby). Feel free to include registry information here too.

2. Add a link on your wedding website

It’s perfectly acceptable to list your registry info on your website. If you’re registered with Tendr, go ahead and grab the link from your My Events tab in the dashboard and add that link to your site. You can even grab a Tendr logo here and add it to the page if you’d like!

3. Use your wedding party

Arming your wedding party with your registry info and having them share it with guests is the old-fashioned way, but it works!

4. Put your folks to work

If your parents are helping you plan your wedding, give them your registry info too. This is especially important if their friends and colleagues will also be at the party, since those guests are more likely to reach out to your parents than you.

5. Let Tendr help

We’ve got a super simple, elegant tool that sends an email invitation to view your registry. The best part is it comes from Tendr (not you or your partner), so you can still meet all the etiquette rules and share your cash registry registry with everyone who needs it. Score!

6. Add it to your save the date

This tip, shared by ‘Professional Bridesmaid’ Jen Glantz, might seem taboo to some. But, again, if you’d rather get the word out early or are embracing being less-than-traditional, go ahead and get it out there.

7. Wait until someone asks you

If someone asks you directly where you are registered, it is 100% okay to tell them. Some people feel uncomfortable talking about where someone can get the a gift but, trust us, they're asking you because they want to make you happy. Let them! 

Sign up for Tendr and create a simple, elegant cash registry. Then put our sharing tools to the test!

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