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How to Register for Money for Your Wedding

How to Register for Money for Your Wedding

The year was 2014 and Tendr was in its early days. Back then, we published a blog post about how a couple can ask for cash for their wedding.

In the three years since, we’ve sent thousands of gifts and have learned a few things about what works best when figuring out how to register for money for your wedding.

Some of our advice from the original piece still stands and some of it’s changed a bit.

The biggest reason for these changes is that we’ve noticed a general shift in perception about cash wedding gifts in the U.S.

On the whole, cash wedding gifts have become much more common, which means it’s easier than ever to get what you really want as a wedding gift.

Here’s how you to ask for cash as a wedding gift with style and elegance.

Create a Cash Registry

Just as you’d register for any items on a traditional registry, a cash registry serves the same purpose. A cash registry is a way to suggest money is your preferred gift. It relays to guests how they can help you meet your wants and needs as a couple. 

Tendr is the only registry just for cash, which is why thousands of couples are using it to create their perfect registry. Sign up and see how beautiful a cash registry can be! 

Make Your Request Personal

Your Tendr page has space to write a heartfelt note to guests. That’s because we know that when couples are suggesting cash as their preferred gift, a personal touch goes a long way.

Whether you want to talk about how you met your partner or how excited you are to see everyone on your wedding day, adding something warm and fuzzy helps guests feel excited about giving money.

Show Your Guests the Importance of Their Gift

Part of what can make a guest reluctant to give money instead of, say, a cake stand is that they don’t know what you’ll use the cash for.

For example, instead of just saying you’ll use gift money for your honeymoon, tell them you’ll be using it to go hiking in Alaska. When you show guests the kind of impact their gift will have for you as newlyweds, their contribution feels even more important.

Be Honest

Other cash registries have you choose imaginary gifts for guests to “buy”. In reality, these gifts are just a disguise for a cash gift. If you’d like to register for specific gifts, go for it. But when you’d like money, be honest about it.

Let Your Guests Choose How Much

One of the great things about cash gifts is that it's totally up to the giver how much they’d like to give. Let them find an amount that feels right for them and leave yourself open to surprises. 

Acknowledgment and Gratitude

Including a line of thanks on your Tendr page goes a long way to showing your appreciation for the guest’s gift. You can also send a thank you card right from your Tendr dashboard! If you wish, you can also mail a traditional thank you note later. Both will be cherished.

Ready to create the perfect cash registry for your wedding? Get started here!

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